**This article was written by our Founder and President, Ricardo Casanova in another one of his roles as Memberships Director for the Terwillegar Community League**

We are now in full swing of the Soccer season, made apparent by the evening and weekend chatter on many of the precious green spaces our area has to offer, plus the lining of roads with parents cars.  With a small jaunt on the Henday in either direction we find  Millwoods Kickoff Classic, Scottish’s Caledonia Cup, Duggan’s Mothers Day Tournament or the EMSA West Zone’s Slurpee Cup, (which is always a hit with the kids for obvious reasons) and of course in our own backyard – TRSA’s Summer Solstice Tournament.

It is no secret we are a Sport City, Edmontonian’s have shown again and again that we will come out in force to support sports whether it is bleeding copper and blue, green and gold, cheering on triathletes,  joining a Beer League softball team or the droves of families and kids that participate in soccer – we are a passionate sport community.  In 2015 the spotlight was on Edmonton for the FIFA Women’s World Cup – to which we obliged the world by setting an attendance record.  Passion and pride in our City and in Sport has, in part, paved the way for this Summer.

This is a big year for Soccer in our Community, in our City, our Country and across the world.  Not only does the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 kickoff in Mid June – the largest sport event in the World – but our Community is abuzz with local Soccer groups, news, events and excitement. Here are just a few:

  • The inaugural Top of the City 36 Hour Continuous Soccer Game will be running from 8 am on June 23 until 8 pm on June 24th (http://www.jondziadyk.com/TopOfTheCity/)
  • The YEG Soccer Project will be launching some initiatives including #whatsoccermeanstome (http://www.yegsoccer.com)
  • The hardworking volunteers at TRSA will be putting on their Summer Solstice Tournament June 22 – 24. There is more than just soccer so be sure to check out this Community event. (http://www.trsasolstice.com/)
  • Edmonton’s Scottish Society is building the largest sportsdome in Canada, looking to open this August. (https://www.edmontonsoccerdome.com/)
  • The biggest stage of all – the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 kicks off June 14 and runs until July 15th. There will be many opportunities to take in some games this summer at local businesses in the area
  • Edmonton has put forward their support for a united World Cup 2026 bid with the US and Mexico. If selected, Edmonton would see some of the worlds biggest soccer stars grace our Commonwealth Stadium. Winner announced June 13. (http://www.united2026.com/)
  • Little Kickers is a new franchise to our area that offers a fun and imaginative introduction to soccer for children ages 18 months to 7 years old. (https://www.facebook.com/littlekickersedmonton/)
  • Hope and Football is a local charitable organization that collects & sends used football (soccer) boots & gear to players in refugee camps around the world & locally to players in need. Watch for their bins at local soccer events all summer! (http://www.hopeandfootball.org)
  • FC Edmonton is looking to bring pro soccer back to Edmonton for the Canadian Premier League’s inaugural season in 2019. Watch for events, news and hopefully an announcement! (http://www.fcedmonton.com)

As part of the Summer of Soccer we have incorporated a soccer area into the Terwillegar Summer Carnival as a small but important celebration of soccer in our Community.  Please come out and join us on August 25th at our Annual Summer Carnival for bouncy castles, food, games, fun and Soccer!  What better way to cap off a Summer of Soccer than at a Carnival. More information at www.terwillegar.org

Go here for the Digital Copy of the entire Newsletter: http://terwillegar.org/files/tribune/2018-06.pdf


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