Statement by YEG Soccer about PDL barring Stephanie Labbe

Gender equality is important to, not only our sport, but our entire country.

With over 40% of registered Soccer players in Canada being female, it is important to our sport that we are supporting the hopes and dreams of all children – boys and girls.

Teams should be built on merit and skill level, Stephanie – Canada’s top female goalkeeper – successfully made the team based on the teams expectations as determined by their talented technical team. 

While we believe policies and bylaws are the heart of good governance, we also believe that good governance also means these policies are reviewed and modernized on a regular basis.

If the PDL, as a North American organization, refuses to represent Canadian values, we call on the impending Canadian Premier League to set an example on gender equality in our great soccer country and develop modern policies.

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Ricardo Casanova – YEG Soccer Project
Adriana Martinez – YEG Soccer Project

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